Monday, September 13, 2010

Ultimate Goal for a Timeshare Withdrawal

The financial crisis has forced many of us to lessen our household expenses and that includes paying for timeshare units that only eat up a big chunk of the family’s budget. It is unavoidable that owners tend to think of reselling the unit since they believe they can still get a little profit from it. It’s true that they could have around 30%-50% profit from the original price. But sometimes due to competition, it goes lower so it could be seen. And even so, there’s no guarantee that your unit can be sold immediately over the others. This method encourages you to waste more money since you will still be paying for the maintenance fees unless considered sold.

Reselling is also prone to scams. A lot of timeshare owners were deceived by resale companies that ask for upfront fees. The latter would promise of a sure buyer of the unit or a promise of rigid advertising through different channels to get immediate buyers. But then none of those are true. Markets for timeshares are nonexistent. No one is interested on it now compared before so there’s no assurance that someone out there would still want a unit of his own. Another thing is that resale companies don’t advertise but rather leave your timeshare behind. They don’t even make reimbursements so don’t bother asking them for one.

Rentals can attract better than reselling since it requires no maintenance fees on the part of the renters. Vacation lovers somehow recognize having a timeshare vacation through rentals. This is much safer on the part of the renters to avoid further unnecessary obligations. It may somehow help the owners in terms of paying for the maintenance fees but it isn’t sustainable and so won’t help the owners in the long run. Chances are the owner would still pay for those maintenance fees.

If you are really decided to withdraw your ownership, you must not anymore consider gaining profits from it. The profits you can derive from it aren’t that worthy enough to wait. So forget about renting or reselling. You might as well give it to charities or better yet try the transfer title. Both ways don’t require for upfront fees. All you have to do is to clear the payments including the current maintenance fees.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Are Timeshares Really That Valuable?

A timeshare property is considered one of the most valuable possessions a family could have. Aside from its monetary value, timeshare ownership’s main purpose of existence is to provide cost-effective, less hassle, and high standard vacation get away for you and your family. It centers into the idea of quality vacation experience that is greater than the monetary value.

But there’s nothing more valuable than to save your family from further and future financial obligations. A timeshare unit’s payments don’t happen only once but several times. Say you would be paying for as much as one thousand dollars in the first five years of your ownership. The payment doesn’t guarantee you of the same price as it may increase in your 6th, 7th , 8th , etc. year of your ownership. If you have acquired a deeded property, you will forever suffer the maintenance costs and this responsibility may be passed on to your children once you depart.

And so before you could feel the hardships timeshare ownership brings, it is best to settle your property as soon as possible. What I mean of settling here is to give up your timeshare ownership since it won’t do good on you and your family’s finances in this times of crisis and in the future. I’m sure your method of settling would be to resell your unit.

The dangers of reselling are obvious these days. And so why should I encourage you on that? Reselling through illegal resale companies will again add to your burden since they require upfront fees for ‘advertising’ yet they don’t do anything at all. They often say they would reimburse your investment after the period of which the unit should already be sold. They eventually won’t honor their promises and yes they don’t put it on paper so you won’t have anything to defend.

There is a timeshare relief that will surely be the answer to your needs. A transfer title system assures you of a lifetime of timeshare freedom. All you have to do is to comply the first two requirements which are to pay the unit in full and keep the maintenance fees up to date. You will find yourself free from it the moment it is successfully transferred.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Timeshare Warnings

Recovering your cash might indeed be one of the hardest to solve. It is especially true when the company you have trusted with the advertisement of your timeshare unit suddenly disappears like a thief in the night.

Unrecovered timeshare fees have been the cause of many complaints filed in Attorney generals’ offices these days. Timeshare owners said that these fees were collected by resale companies to finance the advertising costs of the properties that they wanted to resell. The fees amounted to hundreds and even reached thousands of dollars. Some were lucky enough to get back the amounts since the companies were found guilty by the federal courts and their offices are visible. Other owners didn’t since the resale companies did not exist right from the start.

Owners find ways in order to achieve the timeshare relief they wanted. But they feel hopeless every time they hear more and more complaints as well as the sales drop from news updates.

Attorney Generals, Better Business Bureau (BBB), and federal courts have worked hand in hand in order to lessen or totally eradicate the incidents surrounding the timeshare community. They have been engaging parties as information dissemination and at the same time a warning to all. Attorney generals’ task is to receive complaints from timeshare owners. Better Business Bureau provides the list of all possible F rated resale companies. F rating is given to those resale companies who have engaged themselves in unscrupulous business transactions. Federal courts issue lawsuits and make resale companies pay if found guilty.

But above anything else, be careful on resale companies that ask for upfront fees. if a representative asks you for a credit card number hang up the phone. Too good to be true sales talk should not be tolerated. Verbal promises should be written on paper, otherwise, they might just screw you up. never believe that your property has been immediately sold unless you see those supporting papers that you need. They keep on telling you that they’ll be advertising your unit in any costs. The number that you have been contacting for follow-ups is not answering.

Monday, August 23, 2010

A Release From Timeshares

It is inevitable that timeshare owners nowadays wanted to rip off that unit they have been suffering for years. They simply cannot get out of the fees associated in owning a supposedly paradise-like vacation.

The popularity of this grand vacation has spread across the US, Europe and around the world since the 70s. A simple concept, ‘why rent a room? Buy the hotel’, became the foundation of the vacation plan. It was further innovated to meet flexibility and suit the needs of consumers.

A timeshare unit is always located in a first class resort, hotel, condominium, etc. since it boasts of luxury. It is luxurious since it is with timeshares that you get the best of a vacation experience. The facilities are well provided as well as the access to the establishment’s amenities. And with all these, it requires you to pay thousands of dollars not just once but the entire duration of the contract in the form of maintenance fees.

Maintenance fees are paid yearly. These fees shall maintain the functionality of the place so you won’t have to go back and check the unit if it’s still working or not. It will also serve as payments for electricity, water, and other utility bills such as telephone and cable t.v.

The problem with these fees is that it keeps on increasing. Timeshare owners have realized that paying for it is impractical nowadays because of the effects of recession. Aside from that, owners don’t use it more often because the scheduled dates don’t anymore fit in the scheduled timeshare use. It could also be that they’re tired of paying for nothing. So what for?

But in as much as they wanted to free themselves from the obligations timeshare brings, they simply can’t escape it right away. Especially, if the owner decides to resell it rather than just transfer the title without receiving any money at all.

Reselling would really take time. Not to mention the multiple scammers surrounding you trying to ditch you up. In short, it is not a guaranteed timeshare relief. It is better to use the transfer title system so you won’t have to worry about fees anymore.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Get Out Of That Timeshare Unit

It was in the 1960s that a unique vacation concept emerged in an hotelier located at the French Alps. The slogan ‘why rent a room, buy the hotel’ clearly made fingers snapped because the people’s dream that time was to own their own vacation house. When traveling was considered a need, there wasn’t much argument against owning that timeshare unit. But the tables have turned and the huge timeshare industry started to fall off the grounds.

Big time developers such as Wyndham, Marriott, and Hyatt, have utilized their cost saving strategies in order to retain the industry. Some have closed down opportunities to their workers. Since there are lesser or no workers at all, sales offices were forced to close. Timeshare developments were on hold. It also came to a point to convert timeshare units into other types.

Despite of all these measures taken by the said companies, the sales have still increased by 10% early this year. Yet it still did not compensate the loss that the industry has experienced in a short span of time.

The fall of the industry was also due to the increasing scammers surrounding the community. Potential buyers have backed out due to the hard selling tactics used by timeshare companies during sales presentations. Resale companies have required upfront fees which in the first place should not occur prior to closing a deal. As a result, the dissatisfaction rate towards timeshares became high and the drop of sales followed.

The maintenance fees have increased and owners found it hard to sustain such expenses. While it was more tolerable then, it wasn’t so right now due to the fact that service and commodity rates have increased. The sad part here is that owners could not easily escape from it since their reselling option takes time.

There is another way of lessening the burden. A title transfer system was conceptualized in order for timeshare owners too fully make an exit from the world of timeshares. It is a must that you have paid the unit in full. The previous maintenance fees should be cleared and should therefore be current.

Don’t wait for the next maintenance fee payment. Surrender your timeshares and get the timeshare relief you’ve always wanted.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Hefty Maintenance Fees

The payment you have made right when you purchased that timeshare unit doesn’t end there. In fact, there are succeeding maintenance fees that you need to pay annually. What you don’t know that maintenance fees might just increase every year. It may be manageable in the first few years. But what about in the following years given that the fees have increased beyond your income.

Timeshare owners began to react with the increase. They have realized that it’s tiring to pay for something they don’t get to use often. And it also bothers them paying yearly when they think they cannot afford it anymore. Often these buyers regret their decisions to purchase a timeshare sale.

What most people think when they wanted to get out of their unit is to sell it. But reselling the property is not an easy task. The timeshare resale market has been unstable. Timeshare owners have considered placing it in the resale market because of divorce, high debt, and even death making each unit hardly seen. Despite these, people still fall into timeshare traps after listening to a presentation and purchase a timeshare due to hard selling sales pitches.

Timeshare sellers likewise compete with resort developers. The latter, that has an opportunity to get travel discounts, can offer cheaper rental rates compared to what ordinary timeshare owner pays. So who in the world would want to purchase a unit when you can just have the same luxurious accommodations at a much lesser price?

So what is the utmost option to stop paying for that hefty maintenance fee?

There is what we call cancel timeshare strategy. And Timeshare Relief does that to end your timeshare hassle. In just 4 years, the company has enough experience in helping these owners out of timeshares since in a short span of time they have already satisfied 40,000 customers.

The timeshare transfer process of Timeshare Relief guarantees you that you will be free from paying huge amount of fees. All you need to do is to qualify to their standards. Units must be paid in full and the maintenance fees are paid up to date. But if you think you didn’t qualify from any of those mentioned you can call their hotline and ask more about the services. It might just be the answer to your undying financial nightmare.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Timeshare Relief: The Guaranteed Exit Solution to Timeshares

Who doesn’t want vacation? Who doesn’t want a unique and extravagant vacation like timeshares?

I do like the idea of going on a timeshare vacation. Why not? It offers the best services complete with facilities and amenities that everyone in the family would love. It is only found in first-class resorts, condominiums and hotels such as Wyndham, Marriott, Hyatt, etc. so you are certain that you only receive the best of every vacation experience you always dreamed of.

The spacious suites allow family members to be in the same unit. You can also invite your friends to come along as each unit can lodge up to at least ten people. You won’t have to worry about additional rooms unlike those with the traditional hotel accommodations. That means no one would ever miss the every single bonding moment you will have.

The facilities are complete just like what you all have at home. It might be even better than you’re your home. It has dining room, living room, bathrooms, and a kitchen where you can cook your own food. You need not to dine outside since you all have the equipments needed for cooking meals.

In addition to the benefits I’ve mentioned, the unit is surrounded with amenities as well. That means you can do other activities for free. You can go swimming in their indoor and outdoor pools. Some might have golf courses and tennis courts in which you can have your family tournaments. Access to theme parks can come true since you already have the ticket—and that is owning a timeshare.

Can you just imagine how perfect your vacation could be? But can you also imagine how these are being paid for.

But of course, like any other luxury has a price to pay. Right when you purchase that property, payments may reach a minimum of $10,000 and up. This is not the end of your expenses since you have to pay for the maintenance fees. And maintenance fees do increase right after timeshare organizations agreed to heighten it up. Whether you are using it or not, you are obliged to pay.

Since the recession struck in 2008, many of the timeshare owners have tried their luck to resell their timeshares yet failed because they were caught up by unscrupulous timeshare resale companies. As a result, they are afraid to negotiate with some other companies and so they continue to suffer from their timeshares.

Good thing Timeshare Relief can help timeshare owners in transferring the title of the property without the cost. Just get qualified with their requirements and you are guaranteed an exit solution to that timeshare. It’s one sure hope for desperate timeshare owners.

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